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1. How can I know if I am eligible for the Grant?

Admissibility criteria are clearly listed in the Eligibility Checklist. For more detailed information about the Grant's criteria and focuses, please read the Grant's Background document.


For the 2019 edition, the proposals must be linked to security and human rights matters linked to the operations of the extractive industry (mining, oil&gas, etc.) and/or those of private security service providers.

Additionally, the project you are submitting must respect at least one of the following thematic areas:

  • Gender, Security and Human Rights; and/or
  • Human Rights Defenders and Security; and/or
  • Media  as  a  tool  to  promote  dialogue  towards better  security  and  human  rights implementation.

Be careful, it is not sufficient to respect the thematic axes to be eligible. The project must be related to security and human rights issues in contexts affected by natural resources extraction and/or with a significant presence of private security providers.

2. How to apply?

Check first if your organisation and your suggested project are eligible for the Grant.
Once you are sure this is the case, please fill the Project Proposal Template and the Budget Template in a clear, structured and concise manner and submit these documents to the adress

3. Can the same international organisation submit several applications in partnership with local organisations in several countries?

Yes, this is possible, but since the grant is mainly oriented towards supporting local organizations based in countries of the Global South, it is really necessary that projects submitted in collaboration with an international organization have a significant capacity building component.

Consult the Grant's Background Document for general information on the Security and Human Rights Grant and check if you are eligible with the Eligibility Checklist.

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General Information on the Security and Human Rights Grant

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