Launch of Community Grievance Mechanism toolbox

IPIECA has launched a set of practical tools that can be adapted by oil and gas companies and other organisations to address and manage community concerns as well as the impacts these concerns can have on business operations. The toolbox assists companies in creating and implementing Community Grievance Mechanisms and includes:

Training Pack – to introduce Community Grievance Mechanisms

How-To Guide – to develop a new Community Grievance Mechanism or to improve an existing mechanism

Template Procedure – a prototype Community Grievance Mechanism that can be adapted to the specific needs of a project site

Complaint Risk Assessment Tool – to assess an operation’s complaint exposure

Diagnostic Tool – to improve an existing Community Grievance Mechanism

Grievance Register – to monitor, track and learn from grievances/complaints

Please click on the title/image to be redirected to the IPIECA website for more information and the toolbox.

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