Launch: Platform for Human Rights Indicators for Business (DIHR, 2015)

The Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) recently launched the online platform ‘Human Rights Indicators for Business (HRIB)’. The interactive platform is the culmination of the Institute’s long-term work on identifying indicators that support companies and other stakeholders in the assessment of human rights policies, procedures and practices. To this end, the platform includes a draft Human Rights Compliance Assessment tool that consists of more than 200 questions and touches upon 1,000 indicators cutting across numerous aspects of corporate operations, including human resources, health and safety, product quality and marketing, communities, security, government relations and supply-chain management. Importantly the DIHR Institute “intends for the indicators to be a living document:  All actors with relevant knowledge and experience are invited to comment on the tool’s content, allowing us to make any necessary improvements. We see this as an interactive process between DIHR and all those concerned with business and human rights.”

For more information on HRIB platform, the Compliance Assessment tool and how to contribute to either please click on the DIHR logo. 

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