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Security and Human Rights knowledge Hub

Business operations in high-risk environments are faced with unique security and human rights challenges.

The DCAF-ICRC partnership promotes responsible business conduct and supports respect for the security, rights and dignity of local communities.

The Knowledge Hub is an interactive tool that brings together practical guidance for governments, civil society and companies on business, security and human rights.

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Discover a new video on the DCAF-ICRC Partnership: Managing Security and Protecting Rights



The corporate sector can contribute to positive social and economic development when efforts involve government actors, civil society, and local communities in planning and decision making. DCAF’s Security and Human Rights Implementation Mechanism (SHRIM) is a multi-donor trust fund committed to supporting on-the-ground implementation of security and human rights good practice in a coherent, sustainable and cost-effective way.

Through its projects, the SHRIM supports multi-stakeholder engagement across business, governments and civil society that contributes to security, development and respect for human rights in fragile contexts. To ensure the sustainability of its projects and multi-sector partnerships, the SHRIM prioritizes local ownership, knowledge sharing and capacity building amongst the actors participating in SHRIM projects.

Current Implementation Projects Active in 7 Countries