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Second Edition Recipients of the Security and Human Rights Grant

The DCAF-ICRC partnership is pleased to announce that Fundasaun Maheim (Timor-Leste) and the Regional Center for Responsible Companies and Entrepreneurships (CREER) (Colombia) are the recipients of the second edition of the Security and Human Rights Grant. 

The SHR grant will support Fundasaun Maheim in implementing the project:  “Implications of the Tasi Mane Petroleum Infrastructure Project on Timorese Women: Research, Advocacy and Engagement.” The project seeks to raise public awareness and engagement through investigative research and reporting on the risks of the Tasi Mane Petroleum Infrastructure project, particularly for women. The project will include multi-stakeholder dialogues, as well as  the development of radio content and policy recommendations for the government.

Likewise, through the support of the SHR grant, CREER will implement the project titled “Multi-actor strategies for the prevention of violence against human rights defenders in the region of La Guajira, Colombia.” Over the years, CREER has gained notable experience with human rights defender networks, and the organization aims to build upon this experience by undertaking a study of the challenges faced by human rights defenders in the La Guajira region. This study will inform the development of a guidance tool, that will support national actors in the government, as well the coal mining company Carbones del Cerrejón, to prevent violence against human rights defenders - with special emphasis on the leaders of the Wayúu indigenous community, black communities and farmers of La Guajira. 

The DCAF-ICRC partnership would like to thank all applicants for their interest in the SHR grant. Congratulations to Fundasaun Maheim and CREER for their successful efforts.