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Upcoming Webinar at the OECD Minerals Forum: Leveraging the mineral supply chain in the implementation of the VPs in the DRC

On May 4, DCAF will present in a panel exploring how the Voluntary Principles can improve responsible security provision in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). 

The DRC government has recently submitted its application to become a member of the Voluntary Principles Initiative on Security and Human Rights. The panel will showcase key learnings and successes achieved in the DRC, not only focusing on artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM), but also interactions between ASM and large scale mining. It will provide concrete examples focusing on the 3Ts and the cobalt sectors on how actors throughout the supply chain can support the responsible provision of security. 

Organised and convened by PACT, the panel will also hear from Mr. Tony Ntambu, Chief of Staff to the Congolese Minister for Human Rights and Mr. Tosi Mpanu Mpanu from the DRC's state-owned cobalt company, the Entreprise Général du Cobalt (EGC), in addition to speakers from PACT and supply chain experts. 

Click here for more information and here to register for the panel.